Sunday, March 4, 2012

Post OSU Ranting

You know what sucks? Losing. You know what sucks even more? Losing in a game where one or two more plays could have made the difference. This is the second time in just a few short months where MSU had things in hand and couldn't close.

I should be grateful that MSU was predicted to be as good as a turd sandwich this year and had to choke away the second half of a game to lose an outright title. At least it wasn't to Wisconsin, I'd be sacrificing gangly, pasty white dolls who shoot threes to the gods. I'm getting a little damn tired of being in a position to close these things out on MSU's terms and not doing it. Again, should be grateful, just not feeling it right now.

Speaking of ritualistic sacrifice, the twitters just said that Brandon Dawson tore his left ACL. That's a tough break for him and for MSU. Mostly for him, he's obviously all kinds of talented as evidenced by the fact that MSU pretty much went from running OSU out of the gym to looking lost as Dawson was out and Green was in foul trouble. The big 3 and 4 position were basically empty in the second half which drew extra defense into the paint to account for Sullenger which let Buford go off. The way Buford was shooting, MSU could have had six guys on him and it might not have mattered.

Unlike football, MSU still has a shot at redemption. Maybe the March Magic can kick in for Tom and he can find a way to work around all of this, but you have to admit after watching the Minnesota, Indiana and OSU games that it feels like maybe the 2012 version of the Spartans have their best basketball behind them for this year. Maybe the OSU resurgence of Appling will carryover into the tournament and MSU can right the ship with an improved perimeter game. Maybe not, I have no idea. I don't know enough to intelligently prophesy.

As always, the sun will rise in East Lansing tomorrow. There are worse things than being Co Big-Ten Champions or having to settle for a 2 or 3 seed in the tourney. There are even worse things for the team than having to deal with the loss of a valued freshman, although I do not envy Dawson the road ahead. March has been and will continue to be Izzo's time. No shit show against OSU or anyone else is going to change that. Tomorrow morning, Izzo and the boys start prepping for the winner of Illinois and Iowa.

See? A quick rant is good for the soul, I'm feeling better already. How about you?

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