Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Reading Isn't Worried About It's Discounted Goods

A Thad of an Underperformer

Men's hoops travels down to the Value City ABC Warehouse Used Drugstore PBR Emporium to play Ohio State Saturday night at 6 on ESPN. Matta's teams always look frightening in the regular season and wilt down the stretch. It's hard to get all riled up about opponents who don't win when it counts. Specifically in March.

Upon Further Review: Matta's Record in the Tourney at OSU is 10-5. Two of those years he won 34 games or more.  10-5 is respectable, four of those years they won the Big Ten. I'd expect better than 10-5 when you win the Big Ten four times.

Look into my eyes. We will in it all this year!!! Courtesy of DanOnTheStreet
Rexrode suggests OSU is becoming an MSU basketball nemesis. Jay Bilas has OSU by four.
Super recruit Gary Harris has been named a McDonald's All-American. I thought Gary Harris was from Gary Indiana, but he isn't. He's from Indianapolis. Still.
I don't know squat about OSU. They have that Sullinger kid I heard. I hope we win, but that's all I can confidently predict. Wild guess: MSU by 43. Optimistically and guaranteed wrong sits ok with me.

Michigan Hockey Preview

Do you wish for an MSU blog that does great hockey coverage? Luckily, such a new blog exists. The Munn Minute has an excellent preview of the weekend series against UM. Standing room only tickets are still available for tonight's game at Munn. If you DO like hockey and DON'T mind standing to support the resurgent MSU hockey program do that. You want to get all pissed and break things in anticpation? Vannini's got your youtube adrenaline drop over on Green Thoughts.

Enemy Previews

Go Blue Michigan Wolverine has a two part preview of tonight's game without all of the obnoxious condescension of the one over at The Blog Yost Built. I'm sure MGoBlog will have a preview of quality up later today as well.

But srsly you guys The Munn Minute. Read it and know MSU Hockey better.

Acshual College Football Talk

Wooooo! We're reversing a rule we just put into place a couple years ago! The NCAA committee has recommended that kickoffs move back from the 30 to the 35 yard-line. The NCAA just moved the line back to the 30 a couple years back when they realized less touchbacks meant MOAR excitement! They also did not realize or care that it would mean MOAR injury!

The NFL, which often tweaks its rules to influence more scoring, adopted this change in March for the sake of safety. In conjunction with moving the kickoff line, the rule also prevents coverers from getting more than a 5-yard running start before the kick. Under the previous rule, would-be tacklers could mount a 15-yard head of steam before the kick.
The bulk of the proposed rule changes are related to curtailing injury. Which is always a great thing.

The Rivals Top 250 was released earlier this week and six players from Michigan made the cut. Offensive Outback Bowl review Monday or Tuesday.

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