Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Know Thy Enemy: Georgia vs. Florida Film Review(1st Half)

Today we sit down to Know Thy Enemy. I've completely beat to death the past few weeks that the MSU-UGA game should be two teams playing each other in a mirror statistically. That hasn't changed. I was able to get some screencaps on the UGA - FLA game from earlier this year. For those of you who read my Film Review of MSU-Wisky earlier this year. I'm messing with the format a bit. Defensive narrative notes, then picture examples, repeat for offense. I think it flows a bit better.

Florida is a poor man's Michigan State this year.  They had the 25th scoring defense, and the 71st scoring offense. Michigan State had the 9th ranked scoring defense and the 38th ranked scoring offense.  So while the gap in total production was significant, the trend of a team with a markedly better defense than offense seems reliable. So too is the Weis-ening. Which involves putting the burden of NFL playbook on the QB's shoulders and then yelling at him when things don't work out. Weis ran a pro-style offense at ND and obviously his time in the pros.

Florida runs a 4-3 and is a decent defensive analog for MSU. MSU finished 12th in rushing defense compared to 39th for Florida. In passing defense, Florida finished 10th and MSU finished 12th. So again the pattern of a team that has a strong D that performs very strongly against the pass and well against the run holds true. Both defenses rely on their D-Line to drive their pass defense.

Game Notes(UGA)(per @CFBZ)

  • Starting Safety Shawn Williams was suspended for 1st half (along w/NG Kwame Geathers). 
  • Starting ILB Alec Ogletree's 1st game back since injuring foot at Boise.
  • Best WR, true frosh Malcolm Mitchell, also didn't play due to injury

Narrative Defensive Observational Notes
  • UGA has missed a fair number of tackles. On Florida's opening play of the game, a Georgia linebacker straight whiffs a tackle that allows Jeff Demps to go for 72 yards. At 11:01 to go in the first, UGA's missed tackles allowed for two first downs.
  • UGA also blitzes a lot. A lot. This is a key feature of the 3-4, but you can count on probably a fourth and fifth on 2/3rds of plays. Interestingly, most of the blitzes I've seen thus far have all come from linebackers. That's a variance from MSU, they do tend to mix it up with some safeties and corner blitzes.
  • UGA let up a 4th and 19 touchdown. UGA sent the house and Brantley(Florida's QB) somehow got through it. It was a super flukey play, I'll hope for one of those this week.
  • The middle of the field is open like 7-11. See below.

Oh Dan France, You Are Going to Have Your Hands Full

Dan France. Jarvis Jones. Jarvis Jones. Dan France. This is what Jarvis Jones did to Florida's poor left tackle just a couple months ago.

Jarvis Jones has a red arrow around him at all times. Not a bad idea for the offense if they can swing it between now and Monday.

The ball snaps and Jarvis just straight rushes the QB. The LT drops back into pass protection.

The LT engages Jones and it looks like the FLA RB joins in the fun, but he actually sneaks behind this world collision to try and get open in the flat.

LT engages in some pretty serious hands to the face, but whatever man.

A whopping 3 tenths of a second later, Jones gets his feet wide and gets underneath the LT which throws him off-balance.

Jones shoves LT to his right, your left and does a quick little redirect and then sacks Brantley.

This was a display of athleticism that I think only young Mr. Gholston can really represent for MSU. Jones straight up manhandled this dude. France and Roushar are going to need to figure out an answer for Jones that doesn't involve bringing the RB over to stop the pass rush. We will need to count on our RB and TE's to be open for safety throws.

The Middle of The Field is Open Like 7-11

The Gators go five wide. You see this look on 3rd and 2 all the time MSU fans.

The 3 down lineman and one of the edge rushers go, I believe it's Jarvis Jones stays back in pass coverage. Weirdly the dudes to the left with the red arrows pretty much stand still.

Jones has to pick between one of the two Florida dudes and decides to go with the one to the right, for obvious reasons.

Player cuts to the inside which is filthy wide open, there is literally no one for five yards.

The UGA coverage comes up and SHOULD make a tackle here, but through a combination of using the Umpire for a pick and a kind of eh tackle by the Georgia guy allows the WR to get out long downfield and turn this into a 20 yard pickup.

Narrative Offensive Observational Notes
  • At the end of the first quarter, 100 percent of UGA's pass attempts had come out of the shotgun formation. This is something I remember from charting the UGA-MSU game in 2009 with Ty after the Lions drafted Stafford. They throw almost exclusively from the shotgun. When Trenton Robinson pops off about the simplicity of the Dawgs offense, I would guess this is what he was referring to. At the end of the second half, they had yet to throw a successful pass from something other than the shotgun.
  • Isaiah Crowell has really nice vision and MOAR speed than Bell, he is slighter and more likely to go down after the first hit. His running style reminds me a lot of Montee Ball. The primary difference is that Crowell goes down far more often after contact.
  • In the second quarter, UGA attempted one pass out of the I-Formation on playaction. Murray was sacked.
  • Murray is not as good as Cousins. He's no slouch either, he's probably the second or third best QB MSU will play this year. I feel it fair to say that Murray is somewhere between .75Cousins and .9Cousins.

Isaiah Crowell: He's Got Talent 

Run out of the I-formation

Crowell runs into the pile, which looks stupid until you see the Grand Canyon open out on the other end of the pile.

He comes shooting out, and number 22 for Florida sees that Crowell will read his block and head for the sideline

Here's where this showcases the talent part of Crowell's talent, the DB #14 to the far left disengages his WR target and also heads for the sideline.

Crowell ends up beating both 14 and 22 to the sideline and ends up getting forced out by his own momentum. He had 14 and 22 beat.

Michael Bennett: Nice Catch

None too shabby.


I'll work on the second half over the next few days to have ready before the weekend. I was not real impressed with Murray, was very impressed with Crowell and their defense is quick. They're missing two starters I might add. Cousins will need to get the ball off quickly.

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